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“Your success is no longer a matter of chance; it is simply a matter of choice – and that choice is yours – and it has been yours since the day you were born”  

(David Taylor, The Naked Leader)


When you are thinking of entering the world of work for the first time, or returning to work after a career break, or simply looking for a change of direction in your career, you want to ensure you make the right choice…….

When you are running a business as a sole trader there comes a point when you have to decide whether to take the plunge and employ another person to work for you…….

When you are running a company with a small team of people, you want to be satisfied that you can get on and grow your business, safe in the knowledge that as an employer you are looking after your team well…….

As a growing company, you may face more challenging employee issues, yet not be in a position to recruit a dedicated Human Resources professional to deal with them…….

As a medium- to large-sized company, you may occasionally want some extra Human Resources support to undertake a particular project…….

Brightstart Human Resources offers a range of Services for both individuals and businesses.

You can be guaranteed of a timely, down-to-earth and appropriate ‘best practice’ solution for yourself or your business, whether Brightstart Human Resources work with you on a one-off assignment or on a more regular basis.