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Aptitude Testing and Profiling

Brightstart Human Resources are a Thomas International licenced user of profiling tools.

Understanding the aptitudes and working style preferences of yourself or your individual employees, and how this can impact on team performance is a fascinating area……..often tension and conflict within or between teams can be explained because of mismatches in aptitude and working style.

The tools are particularly useful for individuals wishing to discover their own aptitudes or working style preferences or ascertaining a suitable career choice based on their aptitudes and working style preferences.

Aptitude tests and profiling tools are invaluable at all stages of the employee life-cycle, from recruitment through to employee development through to outplacement.

The service can be offered on an e-mail basis, a combination of e-mail and face-to-face basis or a purely face-to-face basis, dependant on the package chosen.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The value of developing employees cannot be underestimated.  It can be a key factor in employee retention, whether you are inducting new employees or developing the skills and experiences of existing employees.  There are a range of CPD solutions on offer, some of which are on offer through Brightstart Learning.  These cover both a range of soft skills and more specifically training in Human Resource issues for non-Human Resource employees.  These are typically delivered at the clients' site.  See Events. 

Day-to-day Administration

There can be a lot of administration associated with employing people.  Timely help is at hand, whether you are bringing on board new employees, dealing with day-to-day requests from existing employees, dealing with leavers or ex-employees.  Working within the law is as important when dealing with administration as any other part of the ‘employing people’ process.  Brightstart can provide a specific on-site HR Administrator service at a competitive rate.

Employment Documentation

Legally up-to-date offer letters, contracts of employment, employee handbooks and policies and procedures are essential.  You need to ensure your company is working within the law - whether you are employing people for the first time, or whether your existing documentation needs an overhaul.  There are a range of standard or tailor-made solutions on offer.  These will be available to purchase from the online shop, coming very soon. 

Human Resources Manager/ Human Resources Consultant Service

Whether you need Human Resources support one day a month or a few days a week, the Human Resources Manager Service is for you.  If you need specific help on a particular project or advice/help dealing with a complex issue, then the Human Resources Consultant Service is for you.  Both of these services are typically delivered at the client site.  This can be tailored to your company’s specific needs and can typically include a range of support (see the other services on offer).  The service is a cost-effective way of managing your employment issues over time.  

Legal Compliance  

A range of legal compliance audits can be undertaken to ensure your company meets the essential requirements of data protection; health, safety and well-being; and equal pay.  You are advised on shortfalls, given an action plan, and given advice on the most effective way to meet compliance needs. 


Whatever employment issues you are faced with, in addition to the services already listed, a helping hand can be given on:

·     Absence

·        Computerised Human Resource Information Systems

·        Disciplinary and Grievance

·        Employee Benefits

·        Identifying and developing high-flyers

·        Performance Management (individuals and teams)

·        Right-sizing

·        Salary Surveys

·        Setting up an in-house training function

·        Skills Audit.

Recruitment and Selection

Advertising, short listing, interviewing, selection and document/reference checking for potential employees (UK and International assignments).